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 Contacting Admin

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PostSubject: Contacting Admin   Sun Jan 13, 2008 8:59 am

As an Admin,my job is to take care of the site by fixing bugs,adding features and watching over the site.As im hardly available,I hired moderators to help keep the site going smoothly.In this case,you cannot contact me directly.You will have to get in touch with a moderator or FunChat staff if you need private assistance.You can PM me but there probably wont be any replies unless a moderator told you to contact me.Also,I want to say as of members we've only had one spammer,which is pretty good.We have zero tolerance for spammers and they will be warned and banned.If you have any questions for me you can attempt to contact me.I may not reply to your message as im very busy.I do reply to some messages on the board when im not busy,and i have over 100 posts but it will not increase by much.

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Contacting Admin
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